Under the Carolina Stars

Gritty Historical Fiction with heavy romantic tones and gentle magical realism.

Under the Carolina Stars is complete!

UNDER THE CAROLINA STARS is set in the backwoods of North Carolina in 1792 which is no easy place for a young couple to start a life.  Secluded cabins, filled with Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants, are nestled alongside rocky outcrops and hidden within deep valleys.  Mary Quinn has spent her short life there, never straying far from her minister father and druid mother.  The anticipation of Mary’s impending marriage to William Campbell has her buzzing with excitement and hope; however, the trajectory of their union is changed in an instant when she is forced to defend herself and her future.  A single act of self-defense propels both she and William into life-threatening danger and irrevocable infamy.  The only thing left to hang onto is her marriage, which leaves her cold and alone when William is forced into hiding, deep within Cherokee territory.  Separated by the gulf of the wild backcountry each works toward a solution that will mend the fiber of their lives.

Full of strife, deep relationships, and romantic suspense, UNDER THE CAROLINA STARS will appeal to readers who enjoy the romantic tension, setting, and Cherokee presence in A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon and the internal reflection, separation, and conflict in Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier.

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