4 Steps to Surviving the Querying Trenches

So you think you have what it takes to withstand upwards of one hundred bamboo shoots under the fingernails, deafening silence, and personal attacks on your self-worth? Well great, let’s get to querying your completed manuscript!


I am taking a break from the perpetual polishing and querying today to create a few mood boards for an upcoming Twitter event called Mood Pitch. This will be the first of any Twitter pitch events I participate in, so I am hopeful and excited. Twitter has been an asset to me over the courseContinue reading “#MoodPitch”

The Internet – An Illusion of Community

Allow me to be both cynical and optimistic simultaneously. Since coming back to writing I have expanded my dive into the online community of writers afforded by both Facebook and Twitter. I created a Twitter account (@ALBnovelist) and joined, well let’s just say several, Facebook groups for writers. I have a whopping total of 29Continue reading “The Internet – An Illusion of Community”