4 Steps to Surviving the Querying Trenches

So you think you have what it takes to withstand upwards of one hundred bamboo shoots under the fingernails, deafening silence, and personal attacks on your self-worth? Well great, let’s get to querying your completed manuscript!

“It is Finished.”

Ok, I recognize the drama the title of this post effectuates; however, I’m feeling pretty dramatic today. I have completed a novel which is HUGE news! My first novel is currently under the working title of UNDER THE CAROLINA STARS. It clocks in at 91,336 words and about 360 pages. I started this book fiveContinue reading ““It is Finished.””

Not-so-constructive criticism

So recently I joined a writer’s forum that I stumbled upon online.  It seemed to be chock full of published and aspiring writers.  They have an intro forum, success story section, writer’s block party, and critique section.  I joined for the sole purpose of gaining access to these forums and to lurk around for tipsContinue reading “Not-so-constructive criticism”