I am taking a break from the perpetual polishing and querying today to create a few mood boards for an upcoming Twitter event called Mood Pitch. This will be the first of any Twitter pitch events I participate in, so I am hopeful and excited.

Twitter has been an asset to me over the course of drafting, editing, and querying and even hooked me up with my first-ever critique partner! I have surmised that Twitter is the social media hub of the publishing industry and if you are in the trenches you NEED a Twitter account. Personally, my few hundred followers and the many #writingcommunity members I follow, give me a sense of belonging to a group who share a common goal, get our books in people’s hands!

So in regards to Mood Pitch, from what I gather, I will post some moody graphics and a quick synopsis or attention-getter in hopes that literary agents will be interested and will send me a like in exchange for my query letter.

I have scheduled two posts for Mood Pitch on November 3rd and have my fingers crossed! Here is a sneak peek at one of my completed boards:

For more info on Mood Pitch visit moodpitch.org or search up #MoodPitch on Twitter. See you there writing family!

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A mom, wife, educator, and fledgling author all rolled into one.

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