“It is Finished.”

Ok, I recognize the drama the title of this post effectuates; however, I’m feeling pretty dramatic today. I have completed a novel which is HUGE news! My first novel is currently under the working title of UNDER THE CAROLINA STARS. It clocks in at 91,336 words and about 360 pages.

I started this book five years ago so yes it seems like my progress is slow but au contraire! Indeed, I started this book five years ago which is to say I wrote a few scenes, daydreamed my heart out, and resolved that one day I would have a novel. At this time I was also finishing my bachelor’s degree, working a 9-5 office job and had two children under 5. Thankfully, I gave myself some grace and allowed my book to hang out in the back of my mind for a while.

I moved forward with a promising career change, worked toward a master’s degree, and kept my kids alive, all the while William and Mary Campbell’s story fermented in the back of my mind. They evolved, my writing improved, and this February I picked them up again, ready to give them the attention they deserved.

I pounded out 60,000 words in about four months, picked up a wonderful critique partner, did countless edits and read-throughs, and steeled my nerves for my first true beta reader.

What I know is that my critique partner was invaluable for helping to deepen my story. Without her, my book would be about 30,000 words shorter than it is. She read each line and commented (sometimes twice in a sentence) on where a reader would need more information or something wasn’t sitting right. She hasn’t read the final product yet and I believe she will be pleasantly surprised with the progress her critiques encouraged. Second to that, my first beta reader began and finished my book, very quickly might I add, and she loved it! WHAT!? She has encouraged me to really begin the querying process, which if Twitter is any indication of the current publishing climate, will be no small task. So if you are a literary agent reading this, hmu.

But in all seriousness I am so glad I gave my book the attention and time it deserved to come to fruition, now it is time to find a champion for it and pray that it ends up in the hands of someone else who will love it. I will continue to update on this process but for now I’ve added a page to this site devoted to the book blurb. Check it out above!

And yes, book two is going to happen. Already I know where William and Mary are going next and who will be alongside them.

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A mom, wife, educator, and fledgling author all rolled into one.

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