I’m back.

Returning to this blog has been like opening a time capsule. 5 years have passed since I wrote here and it’s been that long since I have even viewed the page myself. Sheesh.

So I know what you may be thinking…failure, quitter, bad at time management.

Okay, okay, stop beating me up here. I won’t be making excuses for my hiatus so instead, I’m going to write and focus on the events of the past five years.

Since writing my last blog post here I made a huge career change from administrative professional to high school teacher, graduated with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, turned 30 (which is where I stop), gained a golden retriever, taught high school through a pandemic, and so far survived raising two school-aged kids. Y’all tired? I am.

In addition to returning to my blog, I have also returned to my book. I am more in love with my characters than ever and they are in DEEP at this point in their story. I would say I’m about 3/4 of the way completed with the novel and it’s about 45,000 words. Not as lengthy as I would like but I intend to fatten up the story with some historical context after the first manuscript is completed. So, as I am at the most dramatic point in William and Mary’s lives, I feel I owe it to them, and myself, to see it through. They deserve closure and so do I.

In addition to writing the guts of the book itself, I’ll continue to post here, probably, to document this journey.

Journey… does that word give anyone else the ick like it does me? Blame it on The Bachelor. Ok to the thesaurus.

I’ll continue to post here, probably, to document my campaign to become a published author. Ah, that’s better. Here is a little preview and reminder for myself of a few topics for upcoming blog posts:
* Writing North American Historical Fiction in a woke world
* Historical Romance, but not the Fabio kind
* To pen name or not to pen name, that is the question.

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A mom, wife, educator, and fledgling author all rolled into one.

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