Wonderful World of Words

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is easily my favorite gadget, even more so then my iPhone!  One of my joys in life is to lay down in the dark and read until I literally pass out.  My Paperwhite lets me do that without shiny distractions or eye strain.  Another thing that I love about it is the addition of Vocabulary Builder!  Any word that I press, so that I can get a definition or correct pronunciation, is saved in my vocabulary list.

Today I have 57 words that I am “learning” according to my Kindle.  One of which is the, another is his.  Obviously when I’m falling over asleep I get a little press happy… But aside from that, what gives me so much joy from this little feature is that I can, not only learn new words, but also incorporate them into my writing to jazz it up a little.  Currently I am reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, (the English adaption, of course!), and it is literally chock full of the most beautiful and interesting words.  The book is incredibly long, yes, (1200 pages of indulgent, rambling, beautiful, and noteworthy writings) but in my honest opinion worth the read.. Even if it takes you 6 months to a year to find the time to finish it (I’m busy, ok, throw me a bone here.)

I am learning that an overuse of these words in my writing sounds A. ridiculous and B. pretentious, but hit that sweet spot (picture Diana Gabaldon, who can seamlessly intermingle words like fart and phlegmatic without the reader blinking an eye) and a dose of interesting vocabulary can spice up your writing.

What are some of the words you find mellifluous or interesting?

A preview of my Vocabulary Builder:
pedagogue – a teacher, esp. a strict or pedantic one
claustration – to be confined, such as in a cloister
ignominy – public shame or disgrace
amalgamate – combine or unite to form an organization or structure
flotilla – a fleet of ships or boats
somnambulism – sleepwalking

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