Jane Austen graces the £10 note.

A bit off topic, but allow me to fangirl for a moment…

The countenance of Jane Austen now graces the 10 pound note for the Bank of England.  The lady, who can be cited as “truly accomplished” though I am unsure she knew how to paint tables or embroider cushions, has replaced Charles Darwin after criticisms that too many men were featured on the paper bills.  Many people found the former bills to be very diverting, even if they were a little less varied than hoped.  To remedy this, campaigners have been working toward a female face on an English note for several years.  I hope that those same persons find the addition of Ms. Austen to be agreeable, or at least the very least “perfectly tolerable.”

As for myself, you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love it.  However, in a strange turn of events the Austen quote which was chosen to be placed on the note was taken straight from the mouth of Regina George Caroline Bingley who insists, “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”  We all know that Miss Bingley was professing her faux love of reading in an ill attempt to garner the affections of one Mr. Darcy.  Fitting? I’m not sure.  Mad about it? Nope.

Tonight I celebrate by indulging in a couple of Austen inspired movies, and if anyone across the pond would like to send me £10, I might write you some very pretty verses.

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