This is where I write.

This is it.  This is where I get all my good (or slightly mediocre) writing done.  I started about two months ago, hammering away on my iPhone in the total dark while I put my son to sleep.  So now I have a ritual, and thank God, a laptop.

It began with an idea, spawned from my family tree, about a girl who lives in the post-revolutionary era North Carolina.  So I let my imagination run wild and I put words to paper… or rather thumbs to an iPhone screen.  I have started this blog to keep myself on track, journal my progress, and hopefully, inspire someone else to chase their own possibly ignorant and obviously nutty dreams.

So here we are, the beginning of the line.  I am 14000 words into my first novel.  And get this: I dove in headfirst with a huge idea and grossly ambitious novel when I have never been published…. in anything.  Ever.  Outside of some angsty teenage poetry about 12 years ago, I have never done any creative writing.  But I have a story and characters that I adore and I want to share it!

So here I sit, half propped up on pillows, slightly smeared with a two-year-old’s drool and pressing the ignore button on my ringing iPhone..again, writing.  My son is sleeping, my daughter is quietly entertaining herself, my husband is wondering what I am doing, and I am losing myself in the year of our Lord 1792.

I plan to post excerpts at times, roadblocks I hit, general progress, and things I learn in this process so please stay tuned and feel free to send me an email or message! I will respond between novel writing, college courses, my full-time job, wiping noses, cooking dinner, and making time for my husband.. all the time in the world this girl has!

Published by ALNovelist

A mom, wife, educator, and fledgling author all rolled into one.

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